Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I made a road trip to the north cape and back a couple of years ago, on foot with my backpack and an old Praktika camera that took these pictures. If it wouldnt be so super heavy I would still carry it anywhere because its really hard to find a quality non-digital camera like these old things today...

Tiny village close to the north cape. Probably Santas reindeers walking around there.

Mosksstraumen, or Maelstrom, is a tidal whirlpool close to the Lofoten Islands. Its one of the strongest tidal whirls in the world and became famous in Edgar Allan Poes short story. There's a bridge going over it, about 40 m high. You have an awsome view from up there - and you can't imagine how loud the thing is.

Clouds hanging over the a little lake, about 1300 m above 0.

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