Monday, March 9, 2009

Goldfrapp - Seventh Tree

Goldfrapp's Seventh Tree popped up by chance in my Itunes and reminded me that I totally forgot to write a review about it. It's such a beautiful record and one of my last years highlights. They are definitely back to their roots and the spheric beauty of their first album, Felt Mountain. Even though their electro pop albums had their great moments, too, I actually always like the first one the most. Allison Goldfrapp seems to be totally somewhere in space and what she does with her voice is just extraordinary (no, all these noises are no computer stuff - its her). 

From Seventh Tree comes this great music video, too. And don't get confused, Happiness is probably the most poppy track on the record. The scene in the video I like the most is the one when he meets the kids on their jumping balls. Haha. So good.

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  1. Ha, true in every word. Love to have that picture of the kids as a huge wallpaper.