Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Estonia pt.1: Tartu

The "kissing students", Tartu's more or less famous monument. Tartu is an old university city with a history that goes backinto the 13th century. As everywhere, students basically seem to be busy with making out and drinking, so the statue seems quite fitting to me :)

Ruins of an old cathedral on Toome hill

Estonian wedding traditions
Market. I decided against pork head for dinner.

A 19th century piano with Tartu's old German name, Dorpat, on it.

This tiny area of Tartu is called Suppilinn, soup town, because its streets are all named after things you can use for soup - tomatoes, potatoes etc. It was also the poor peoples district in the past, who could only afford soups as proper meals. Until today, there are only this beautiful little scandinavian wood houses around here and most streets have no asphalt, only sand. 

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