Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pop! Goes My Heart

PopUp in Leipzig last weekend. I forgot my camera at home so all I have is some crappy mobile phone pictures from Maximilian Hecker and Kissogramm. 
Someone should really tell Herrn Hecker to shut his mouth between his songs. Seriously. That was the crappiest shit I heard someone talking between song since I've been to a Kassierer concert when I was 15. Still, the music was surprisingly good. The usual "I consider myself the German Damien Rice"-stuff, but the band really rocked into noise inbetween that. 

Kissogramm really rocked, too, a surprise as well. For some reason I mixed them up and I thought they were something electronic. But it was actually fun indie rock, a nice surprise. I like electro, but I'm really a bit tired of it - now that even Spiegel Online has a electro column, it will probably be dead soon. 
Of course, these weren't the only bands. There were also Art Brut, September Leaves, Sugarplum Fairy etc.etc., all that little Indie rock stuff plus some good parties after that. Nice one, little PopUp. Much more like a family meeting than Popkomm.

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