Monday, October 12, 2009

Polarkreis 18, Weimar

Dear City of Weimar, I am a little disappointed. Besides the fact that the weather was terrible, and cold and wet and awful, I kind of expected a bit more from a place stuffed with history than about 40 Goethe-and-Schiller-statues all over the place...I also don't agree with the policy to close every important or interesting building at about 5 o'clock. Which was the time we arrived. So, all I really got was some wanted and some unwanted street art and a tiny but nice cemetery.
Dear Polarkreis 18, you really suprised me! I expected basically nothing from your concert but light entertainment but it was pretty much amazing. What a nice suprise. Sound was bad though, it is even worse in my little video below, but the orchestra was great and the concert was really nice.

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